Slay your Wedding Portraits on a Rainy Day 🌨

{Vanesa + Davie Asheville North Carolina Wedding Photography }

When Planning her Wedding, Vanesa knew there was a possibility for rain - I mean, how can you be 100% sure? It’s ALWAYS important to have a backup plan and a kick ass Photographer who will do whatever it takes to create epic photos for you. When my couples are concerned about rain on their wedding day I do my best to put them at ease and I let them know that I WILL shoot in the rain as long as they’re up for some fun! It all comes down to what’s important to you on your wedding day..If outdoor portraits are a must, then make sure your photographer would be on board. Rain shouldn’t ruin your wedding days let alone your dream wedding portraits, no matter what anyone says IT CAN BE DONE.

A well prepared photographer can shoot in almost any situation, the more experience the better ! ask about these things when meeting with Wedding Photographers.

It was raining when we took most of these portraits, even though they didn’t get their outdoor ceremony, they got all of the portraits they wanted & more!! I’m so excited to share these with you all.


Trendy 90's Fashion Couple Shoot | 2019 Downtown Winston-Salem series

Huge thanks to Yesica + Chrishon


In Love in Downtown Winston-Salem

I grew up in Winston-Salem, NC and anyone who knows me personally will tell you I LOVE my city. I’ve spend a lot of time in the Downtown area for the past few years, the fun part is that no matter how many times I shoot there, I always find ways to make every shot unique. I’m inspired by the innovation of Winston-Salem, and most importantly the focus & support we have in the Arts.


Adriana + Abacuc |Winston-Salem Courthouse Wedding | Winston Salem Wedding Photographer

   Planning to get married at your local county courthouse, but you don't think hiring a Photographer is not necessary because it's not a "big wedding"? think again. 

I've shot a few courthouse weddings and I feel like they are equally as important as "big" weddings. Having a small union doesn't mean you shouldn't document it! make the best of your courthouse wedding by getting your portraits taken. Take a look at this civil union of Adriana & Abacuc, after their short courthouse ceremony we met at Old Salem Gardens in Winston-Salem where we captured these amazing photos. Not only did we have a blast, but we also captured some beautiful memories that this awesome couple will cherish for the years to come. 


Yani + Zach | On Top of the Rock Engagement Session | New York City

When I say Yani & Zach are every photographer's dream couple, I mean it. I had the honor of photographing Yani a few years ago, so when she reached out to me and told me she wanted me to shoot her wedding, I just KNEW it was going to be epic. When we met for their consultation we walked out with plans to go on a New York trip to shoot their engagement pictures. Alex and I LOVE New York. My first NY trip was back in 2006, Alex and I have visited the city multiple times since we've been together-there was no way we would say no to a NY trip.


The idea was to shoot on Top of the Rock where Zach proposed to Yani last year, I was extremely excited to shoot there. Everyone was super nice and even waited for us to get our shots, something we weren't expecting at all.


I also wanted to get a few shots of them in other parts of the city, we were able to get a few more in Dumbo, New York right in front of the amazing Brooklyn Bridge. I don't even know how we were able to find parking (thanks to Alex's FLAWLESS parallel parking skills) everything went perfectly great. As soon as we finished shooting it started snowing, a LOT.  The rest is pretty much 


I have such a BIG passion for traveling to shoot. I look forward to shooting more Destination Engagement Sessions & even Destination Weddings in the future.


Yani & Zach are getting married in August and I can't even imagine how badass their wedding photos will be.


Kate & Calvin | Gravy Restaurant, Raleigh NC | Downtown Raleigh Wedding

WOW is all I can say about this awesome wedding, and of course, this AMAZING couple. Kate & Calvin were super easy to work with. They allowed us to take over and be as creative as possible, and the results were...well, you'll see. It all started at the Residence INN in Downtown Raleigh, after Kate & Calvin's first look, I walked a few blocks with the whole wedding party, best idea EVER. I was able to capture unique photos of them as they casually walked Downtown and everyone congratulating them as they past by. 


Their ceremony & reception took place at the Gravy Restaurant in Downtown Raleigh, and it was perfect. I felt like everything they put together fit their style 100%. We were exhausted by the end of the night, but we were extremely excited for the results. Downtown weddings are my new favorite, and I can't wait to shoot more.


I hope you guys enjoy what I put together here & wait until the end, it gets better.

with love,


Karen & Alex