Hi Friends! I wanted to share this unforgettable proposal I was honored to capture at the Durham Hotel – BEAUTIFUL by the way. This was my second time visiting, it is an exceptional location for any type of occasion. (You can find them here:

When Benjamin reached out to me he was short on time and had a bit of planning ahead. He was extremely nervous and even told me he had been holding on to the ring for months! fearing that something could happen to it or that his beautiful lady would find out.

I tried my best to calm his nerves, assuring him that everything would turn out perfect, and it DID.

Be sure to scroll all the way to the bottom so you don’t miss any moments (;

Imagine this. Your partner hires a Photographer, tells you he has evening plans for you both as an early anniversary gift – you show up and everything is almost too perfect, you begin to wonder, but you go with the flow anyway..

Your sweetheart even brings rose petals to go with the romantic mood of your shoot. I instruct you to face the opposite way and to throw the petals in the air as you turn to face your boo! – this is all part of the master plan. I instruct you to “practice” this 1-2 times.

And next thing you know…you turn his way, and he is down on one knee. Nervously asking ” Will you be my wife?”

Also, he somehow managed to get a group of friends and family to surprise her as well..and moved them to our location in during the time I made her turn and not look at him.

All of your loved ones became part of that beautiful proposal, because he knows how much they mean to you ❤️

Your future bridesmaids all present and excited to be part of this new journey with you!

Time to celebrate!!!

Ending the evening capturing them as an engaged couple woohoo!!

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Proposal in Durham North Carolina, engagement and wedding photography
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The Sweetest Proposal took place at The Durham Hotel in NC

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