HELLO There!

I had grown up on the beaches of Acapulco, Mexico, and was now thrust into a little elementary school in North Carolina. I had the tasks of school work, making friends, and communicating in a language I didn’t know.

I'm karen!

After moving to the U.s at the age of seven, becoming a wedding photographer didn’t seem like quite an attainable goal.

humble beginnings to say the least

My curiosity paid off this time, forcing me to learn English as soon as possible so I could understand and be a part of the new and amazing world around me.

With English in my back pocket, I, according to my dad, needed a new hobby to express myself.

When I was growing up, my dad was a freelance radio DJ, and a huge believer in the arts and... the art of hustle. He was the ultimate encourager of all new hobbies, and with that came lots of birthday gifts and Christmas gifts and ‘just because’ gifts of instruments and sports equipment, and anything else he thought might encourage me to express myself.

When I had started and given up on just about every hobby he introduced and then woke up one day expressing interest in owning “one of those big cameras” - it was to my surprise that my dad gave in to that idea too.

From high school on, I’ve continued to grow my self-taught knowledge, and have hustled (naturally) since the beginning. From graduating high school, to starting a corporate job, to becoming a mom, and taking my wedding photography business full time- I’ve always heard my daddy’s words in my ear “you can definitely hustle, and you have to work hard.”

Today, I combine being bilingual and the art of hustle to make my Hispanic couples and mixed families alike feel comfortable, taken care of, and most importantly… a part of such a wonderful day, regardless of the language barrier.


I love to travel?

THESE ARE SOME PLACES i'm hoping to go next...

New York City,
Yosemite, CA, 
Sacramento, CA, 
Los Angeles. CA,

Denver, CO
Miami, FL
Orlando FL
Washington, DC

Charleston, SC
Atlanta, GA
Savannah, GA
Nashville, TN

Some fun facts

I moved to the U.S from Mexico when I was seven years old and I am extremely proud of my culture.

I'm extremely spontaneous and adventurous!

Have a bad case of wanderlust

I'm ALWAYS singing and dancing ( I WILL dance at your wedding)

I enjoy shooting film and pretending I'm a Photographer from the 1970's

I lived in remote villages as a child and I love the great outdoors - let's go on adventure!!