Making REAL money as a photographer can be so hard, and the hardest part is that most of us can’t believe that you can make $10k or more each month as a photographer specially in this digital era we currently live in.

I used to have that same mindset, specially because everyone around me would tell me that having a photography business was a thing of the past and there was no way I could make a profit. One day, I decided to stop sharing my goals with others and just focus on monetizing my photography business no matter what. I’ve learned so much along the way and this is what I’m sharing with you here!

In this blog post, I’m sharing 5 secrets I learned that allowed me to make $10k+ a month as a photographer over and over again. I’ll be covering:

  • How I overcame my limiting mindset and how you can too
  • Why you’re not attracting your dream clients and how to start
  • the psychology behind photography sales and how you can implement it in your photo biz today
  • How to avoid price shoppers and secure bookings
  • How to create a rinse and repeat method that works for all of your clients
  • How to create genuine connections with your clients

So if you’re tired of being on the struggle bus, not seeing any results in your photography business, feeling burnt out with no end in sight no matter what you try – then you’re in the right place! all of that is about to change for good.

How I overcame my limiting mindset & you can too.

Have you heard the unspoken rule of “don’t tell everyone your plans before you accomplish them” because you don’t want anyone or anything to get in the way of your accomplishments or giving you unnecessary negative feedback about your dreams and aspirations. In this journey, you must stay focused – never let anyone talk you out of making your dreams come true or sabotaging your plans.

Every time I would tell someone about my plans to become a full time photographer, it was always met with comments such as “you’re never going to make it, everyone thinks they’re a photographer now” types of comments. My own family would tell me these things, but I always knew that this was going to work out for me because I was going to continue trying.

Oftentimes, negative comments can affect us and shoot our dreams down and even make us give up. This is why it’s important to stay laser focused on exactly what we want to obtain, and really believe in your ability to make it happen, no matter what. Visualize yourself living your dream life while your photography business is thriving and you are loving what you do.

I began practicing saying daily affirmations and constantly reminding myself of my plans and goals and I created a roadmap to get there as soon as possible

Why you’re not attracting your dream client and how to start





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